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Nike Soccer Cleats Womens

Nike Soccer Cleats Womens

Nike Soccer Cleats Womens

Nike Soccer Cleats Womens

Nike Soccer Cleats Womens

"I'm hoping tonight is the last night you'll see me here," Harvey said, pointing out she and her husband hope to be able to move to a new home soon and get to enjoy a few years of happiness.

"I don't have 39 more years," she said.

´╗┐Owen Road couple glad new drainage system coming

Florence Harvey hopes this will Nike Football Shoes Cr7 2016

Florence, along with husband Maurice purchased their Owen Road home four decades ago, is sick and tired of dealing with flooding on the North Kentville Shoes Nike 2016 Football

However, Harvey is holding out hope the provincial department will buy their Owen Road property and use it as part of the new drainage system, since that's where the water collects.

Harvey was pleased council voted to transfer ownership of the existing underground drainage system in the vicinity of her property to the provincial department following a public hearing Sept. 4. Council voted also to accept the offer from the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal to install a new storm water drainage system.

of Kentville's existing storm drainage system.

In the past, the municipality has installed French drains and catch basins to try to alleviate the flooding Nike Soccer Cleats Womens problem, particularly for the Harvey's property, with limited success. Catch basins overflow in heavy rain and water has nowhere to go but across the property, flooding the basement. Large ponds sometimes form in the backyard. Safety concerns are heightened in the winter when floodwater freezes in their driveway.

Nike Soccer Cleats Womens

Nike Soccer Cleats Womens

Nike Soccer Cleats Womens

She said she has pleaded her case to council and the Department of Transportation several times over the past 39 years. She said she's "really, really tired" and "I've had it." She and her husband are both experiencing failing health and fear time is running out for them.

They have two sump pumps, but if the power fails, the basement will flood. Sometimes, water comes in so quickly the pumps are overwhelmed and they have to use buckets to bail it out. She said her son often has to stay awake at night to monitor the situation.

Nike Soccer Cleats Womens

Nike Soccer Cleats Womens

"The water came in our driveway like a river last week," Harvey said.

property for the past 39 years. They want to be bought out by the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal.

"If it was next week, I'd pack and get ready to go."

The provincial department will receive $100,000 from the county, with the asset transfer funded from the municipality's Public Works Capital Reserves. The reserve currently has about $237,000. The existing infrastructure in the ground is valued at $12,000. As part of the agreement, responsibility for area drainage systems would revert fully to the provincial department. The new infrastructure would connect into the Town Nike Soccer Cleats For Women

be the last time she ever has to appear before Kings County council and that she'll soon be able to enjoy a few years of happiness.

Nike Soccer Cleats Womens

Nike Soccer Cleats Womens

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