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Labour Temple on the east side of Mountjoy, south of Second Avenue and one on Golden Avenue, east of Crawford Street in South Porcupine.

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The First World War of 1914 1918 and the Russian Revolution of 1919 1922 had made a horrible impact on that region of the world. Economies were in ruin. The famine of 1921 meant many people were starving.

of Kobzar Park, whether large or small, would be gratefully accepted at the Timmins Museum.

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Yes, the City of Timmins is culturally diverse because of the ethnic heritage of its early residents, but the reality is more about a spirit that never dies. Those early Ukrainian pioneers followed a dream. They came to this city for freedom, security and a new way of life. In doing so, they have enriched us all. The Ukrainian Cultural Group would appreciate your help in keeping Soccer Boots Hypervenom

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In our city, they established several Ukrainian cultural halls the Prosvita Hall on the corner of Fifth and Elm, the Nike Football Shoes Blue

Timmins Ukrainian community may have changed over the years, but in spite of the loss of their church, the closure of their halls and the park vandalism, there remains a strong group who is determined to keep their culture alive. To that end, they formed the Ukrainian Cultural Group of Timmins whose intent is to rejuvenate Kobzar (minstrel) Park. This committee is united in their determination to raise $25,000 to recreate a bronze statue of Taras Shevchenko and also include landscaping, benches and other improvements. It will be a peaceful place for all citizens to rest, to pause and reflect, while honouring those pioneers of our city.

Timmins is noted for its diversity and its unique heritage But what does that really mean? In the simplest terms, we had gold mines and the mines needed workers. From its earliest beginnings, our community was populated by people from foreign Football Cleats Men countries who sought employment here. But history tells us it goes much deeper than that.

By the early 1950s, there were about 160 Ukrainian families in the area, and the men worked hard to build their own Ukrainian Catholic Church at 222 Cedar Street South. Men completed their shifts at the mines, came home for supper and headed to the site to work on the building until long after dark. Peter and Barbara Pendzay painted the icons that beautified the interior and William Workewich carved the scroll work.

A future in Canada was promised to those who wanted to escape those hardships, political oppression and division. People from many countries made their way to Canada to the farms in the west and the nickel and gold mines in the north. Among those who immigrated to the Porcupine Gold Camp at that time, were several hundred, hard working men from Ukraine. They soon brought their wives and children to re establish their vibrant Ukrainian culture in this, their new homeland. A second wave of Ukrainian workers arrived just before the start of World War II.

that spirit alive. Donations towards the rejuvenation Nike Football Boots Womens

They Followed a Dream

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Football Cleats Men

Since then, the Ukrainian community of yesterday has been altered by intermarriage, youth migration, assimilation and other factors. Like other immigrant families, not all of the children born here learned the language of their parents and grandparents. The Ukrainian Catholic Church, built so lovingly by its members, was sold by order of the Bishop, in 2006.

In 1981, land that formerly housed a farmer market on the corner of Mountjoy Street and Second Avenue was turned into a small park. Kobzar Park was dedicated to recognize the contributions of the early Ukrainian pioneers. There is a beautiful wrought iron arch that once featured a kobzar minstrel, holding a Kobza a musical instrument. While the arch still stands, those figures have been stolen from the highest point on the arch. The park was falling into ruin.

´╗┐Over The Hill with Diane Armstrong

By Diane Armstrong

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