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Active investigations are pending with the burglaries and a detective has been assigned to the fire investigation, he said. With the fire, the investigator is looking into property value and insurance. "It's all on the table," he explained.

"The scene of a fire is still a crime scene if entered into illegally, especially to commit larceny," Cooney added. "A fire scene is a difficult crime scene."

spent to renovate the building, including the two upstairs apartments and downstairs business. The situation is being used as a time to reflect on what worked in Flavour and what didn't when it was open.

conundrum is this: the business needs money from the insurance company to start the rebuilding process, the insurance company needs to know the cause of the fire from the police department before distributing the funds, and the police department is putting in its due diligence with the case while working on solving and preventing other crimes in the process.

"If not everyone is being interviewed, I guess I just wonder about the police department's progress," said Staats. "I feel like I'm a suspect, but who would want to do this to their livelihood? I have to start all over again."

Nike Football Boots Green And Orange

Staats said he was told the police department was too "understaffed" to come right over to take fingerprints and do further investigating into the first burglary. Officers went to the business, six blocks from the police department, three days later.

Cooney said three police reports have been filed, including for the two burglaries and the fire. They are available upon request at headquarters.

"It's sometimes slow going," he added.

But the real problem at this point is that he doesn't know when his popular seven year old business, which is is main Football Cleats Jordan 12

Staats, in order to hold larger events, plans to expand the lounge area and move the kitchen slightly. He also wants to redo the fa ade. The menu will be revamped to possibly include beer and wine.

source of income, will reopen.

Staats, who would have celebrated his seventh anniversary on Jan. on Jan. 13. It spread mainly to the wooden framed second floor since the first floor was mostly protected by a brick exterior wall.

Nike Football Boots Green And Orange

He's looking to NYSERDA to help with being more energy efficient. He's also reached out to the city for possible funding to help rebuild, so far to no avail.

Nike Football Boots Green And Orange

Nike Football Boots Green And Orange

To add insult to injury, the 4th Street building has been broken into twice since the blaze. The first time was a week later on Jan. 21 and the second was Feb. 2. Since nothing can be removed until the insurance claim is processed, many items that were not damaged still remain on flipped over tables and chairs. The burglar stole laptops and construction equipment.

Nike Football Boots Green And Orange

Nike Football Boots Green And Orange

Determining the cause of the fire likely depends on laboratory test results. It is unclear when a cause will be found, Cooney said.

´╗┐Owner of Flavour Cafe says he'll 'have to start all over again'

Staats, who has been relying on friends and his credit cards to make it through financially, is trying to make the best of the Nike Football Boots Green And Orange situation, despite losing thousands of dollars in items and priceless parts of the building, which may include its beautiful tin ceilings.

He estimates that about $350,000 will need to be Nike Football Shoes 2016 Mercurial

Nike Football Boots Green And Orange

Nike Football Boots Green And Orange

Nike Football Boots Green And Orange

While he also knows a handful of people who saw suspicious activity that night, only a couple have actually been questioned by police. Staats himself has been questioned multiple times about the incidents that night.

TROY Charlie Staats has learned at least one thing from the early morning fire which occurred at his business, the Flavour Caf , on Friday, January 13. When he renovates the smoke and water damaged partially brick building, he will be installing an exterior security system.

And so the once suspected suspicious blaze remains with an undetermined cause, said Troy Police Department's Capt. John Cooney, the public information officer. "Suspicious would be an inappropriate label for the fire at this time," he noted.

Nike Football Boots Green And Orange

Staats said there were cameras near the register before the fire, but when Flavour Caf reopens there will also be security cameras outside. And Staats hopes to maybe participate in a city wide business effort to stream video to police from outside many businesses in a neighborhood watch type of program.

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