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Nike Football Boots 2015 Superfly

Nike Football Boots 2015 Superfly

Will Nelson, for the defence, said O'Rourke had owned Moo since she was a puppy, and there was no suggestion of previous ill treatment or suffering.

Nike Football Boots 2015 Superfly

Mr Nelson said his client had feared Moo would be run over because she was close to the road, and had panicked.

"Mr Oxford also describes seeing kicks several times to the dog, to the body."

and kicked his dog in a fit of temper after walk on Herne Bay Downs

Nike Football Boots 2015 Superfly

Nike Football Boots 2015 Superfly

"He threw the lead at the dog, shouting at it. He catches up with the dog and she sees it being kicked and punched.

Mr Jenkins said: "He then saw Mr O'Rourke leaning over the dog punching it, he thought to the head area. He went and grabbed his phone and went outside."

But he pleaded guilty on the basis that he punched and kicked the dog with excessive force.

But Mr Jenkins said: "Using force to punch a dog and kick it as well goes way beyond what is reasonable chastisement of a dog."

The RSPCA argued for O'Rourke to pay the costs of the case, more than 7,200, but Mr Nelson said it had taken a long time to come to court because of a delay in his application for legal aid.

Nike Football Boots 2015 Superfly

"Witnesses said he used force of 60 to 70 per cent and he would not disagree."

He said: "He accepts for a short period of time he completely lost his temper. He wanted to show the dog it must never do that again. He went too far.

He said: "He loved and cared for that dog. Moo had been a bit of a handful but was being trained and socialised.2

Sean O'Rourke, 22, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to the two year old Staffordshire bull terrier, named Moo, when he appeared before Canterbury magistrates today, Thursday.

but he said he was training the dog, who was being "a bit of a ".

When the police arrived, O'Rourke said he slapped the dog because of its behaviour and the witnesses "had got hold of the wrong end of the stick".

Nike Football Boots 2015 Superfly

When he was interviewed by the charity, O'Rourke said he had been trying to encourage the dog to come back and Nike Football Boots 2017 For Kids

Nike Football Boots 2015 Superfly

Nike Football Boots 2015 Superfly

had slapped its nose with his fingers.

The dog was seized by RSPCA inspectors and taken to a vet, who could find no visible signs of bruising. But she said that was not uncommon because dogs have thicker skin than humans.

Magistrates were told much of the costs were for the care of the dog.

Mr Nelson said Moo's behaviour was "the final straw" after O'Rourke relationship Nike Football Boots 2015 Superfly ended and he lost his home.

O'Rourke, of Gilchrist Avenue, Herne Bay, had previously denied the charge, and two similar ones but changed his plea this morning. The RSPCA offered no evidence to the two other charges, after solicitor Rowland Jenkins said they were very similar.

´╗┐Owner Sean O'Rourke punched Soccer Cleats With Built In Socks

O'Rourke, who has previous convictions for criminal damage, assault and battery, was fined 267 including a victim surcharge and ordered to pay 10 per cent of the costs, amounting to 727.22.

Mr Oxford called the police, while following O'Rourke. Another witness, dog walker Juliet Dack, also followed him.

Nike Football Boots 2015 Superfly

The court heard O'Rourke had taken Moo said to look like a cow because of her markings for a walk at the Downs, Beacon Hill, on December 30 last year.

Mr Jenkins said: "She saw the dog off its lead that may be what had annoyed Mr O'Rourke.

Nike Football Boots 2015 Superfly

The pair challenged him about his behaviour, Soccer Cleats For Girls Tumblr

Nike Football Boots 2015 Superfly

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