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"E Mail is just the best way to deliver targeted content and advertising that there is, period," said Barker. "It is not always easy to find Nike Soccer Cleats Mercurial Pink

Newman said the key is enticing users to open their e mails instead of simply dropping them into the trash bin. The answer? Don't just replicate your web page, said Newman.

"Letting the user pick what information they want and how often they want to receive it is something that will keep them coming back, or at least reading the e mails," he said.

Barker said traditional newspaper favourites such as sports or recipes can be delivered via e mail. Another opt in favourite at the Dallas Morning News web site is classifieds.

Nike Soccer Cleats White

´╗┐or just junk mail

what you want to find on a web site. If I can get the information you want to you in a meaningful way, that is going to be appreciated.

in a meaningful way," he said.

"It's all about meeting readers' needs. If you do that, you will be Nike Soccer Cleats White able to sell advertising easily. I think the future of the Internet is all about packaging. We own the content that's a great place to be, and it's all going to come down to how we can generate, slice, dice, and deliver that content Nike Soccer Boots Girls

Nike Soccer Cleats White

Nike Soccer Cleats White

"It is e mail that is the killer app of the web that offers the greatest opportunities for all," said Newman. "Just to put things into perspective, this morning, the New York Times pushed out our content to more than 1.3 million subscribers and I am not talking about the printed newspaper.

Nike Soccer Cleats White

"More people are receiving New York Times content in their inboxes than are receiving it in their mailboxes. But the success of e mail has also given rise to great challenges, and those revolve around the issue of clutter," he said.

"That may be something we can charge for," said Barker. "Give us $19.95 and we'll send you the ads even before they hit the newspaper. There are a fair amount of people who would pay for that service.

"By sending out this information to subscribers, we can ensure they are getting the content from us, along with advertising," said Grilly. "If you cannot afford the software to do e mail lists, you can purchase any number of vendors to do the job for you."

"There is another danger," said Weber. "What happens to chance if we offer narrower and narrower slices of our content?

"One of the beauties of the old fashioned newspaper is that they are designed, in part, to allow readers to stumble across stories and ads that they didn't expect to look at. That chance read is harder to accomplish on the web since a reader searches for specific offerings," he said.

Nike Soccer Cleats White

Nike Soccer Cleats White

E mail is the most exciting and potentially most lucrative tool of the Internet for newspapers yet developed.

Nike Soccer Cleats White

Nike Soccer Cleats White

That was the feeling expressed by several online newspaper publishers at a focus group entitled "E Mail: the all purpose tool?" at Editor and Publisher's 12th annual Convention and Trade Show in Dallas, Texas. Newman said that generating revenue or monetizing the e mail push is done through directed advertising. And since reports have shown that 87 per cent of people check their e mail daily (as opposed to 36 per cent that surf the Internet daily), ad exposures are much higher than on other forms of ad placement, such as banner rotations, he said.

also diversify your (e mail) product. We offer a general news content, travel content, and many other types."

Eric Grilly, Vice President of New Media for the MediaNews Corporation, said even if a small market newspaper cannot generate new content, regurgitated content can work, if it is given a fresh 'working over' before it is put in the e mail. A good example of how this can be done is with sports scores and information.

The publishers agreed that 'opt in' was the methodology of choice. The opt in methodology has users signing up to receive e mails based on particular subjects such as movie or book reviews. Advertising can then be targeted to a specific class of users that expect and even welcome that advertising.

"You need to generate original content to draw people to open the e mail," he said. "You must Soccer Cleats Without Spikes

Nike Soccer Cleats White

Nike Soccer Cleats White

Gary Barker, Site Manager of the Dallas Morning News, said there are many good reasons for even small market newspapers to use e mail newsletters or bulletins.

Nike Soccer Cleats White

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