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Soccer Cleats 2017 Indoor

Soccer Cleats 2017 Indoor

downtown, keep them Soccer Cleats 2017 Indoor in business.

´╗┐Opinions mixed on proposed downtown Wheaton tax

"If you want this passed, don't force us to pay it," said Glenn Kosirog, who owns some office and retail space along Wesley Street.

Jim Mathieson, who co owns an accounting firm on Wheaton Avenue, said he's happy to pay the extra taxes if it means keeping the downtown viable and warding off decreased property values.

Soccer Cleats 2017 Indoor

"I can't justify asking them for additional money when I know they can't afford it," Botsis told the council.

Soccer Cleats 2017 Indoor

"The key here is reinvesting in our community," he said. "If we don't do that we're going to create bigger and worse problems."

Soccer Cleats 2017 Indoor

Still, not all property owners believe the DWA's services and promotional works benefit them and they want to see the additional tax burden die when it expires in 2012.

"Without the DWA, a lot of people wouldn't know all the stores that are available because we wouldn't have the foot traffic," said Penny Zuidema, who owns Uptown Girl on Wesley Street downtown. "If we don't have the foot traffic, we don't have a business."

Soccer Cleats 2017 Indoor

DWA President Keven Graham said the group "won't operate" if the taxpayer funding goes away since it accounts for 90 percent of the organization's budget. On Monday night, some shop owners said the DWA's support, and the events they organize to draw folks Nike Soccer Boots Red

parcels on Main Street, where tenants are "already telling me they can't afford" rent.

Soccer Cleats 2017 Indoor

Still, people who live or pay taxes, including renters, in the proposed special service area can object to the tax extension by picking up an objection form at the city clerk's office, said city manager Don Rose.

Soccer Cleats 2017 Indoor

About 20 Wheaton taxpayers who would be affected by an extension of a special tax they pay for marketing services made their case for, and for some, against, the proposal at a public hearing Monday night.

Soccer Cleats 2017 Indoor

Association, which aims to promote downtown businesses and sponsors popular events like The Chili Cook Off and Downtown Trick Or Treat.

That special tax is set to expire in April 2012, so officials with the group and some business owners are hoping the council approve an extension of the tax. This one would be .45 per $100 and would last seven years.

Soccer Cleats 2017 Indoor

Soccer Cleats 2017 Indoor

About 40 residents and property owners turned out to a hearing Monday night on a proposed tax that will benefit some downtown property owners. (Michelle Manchir/Tribune)

Some downtown property owners and renters currently pay a tax of .95 per $100 of assessed value that benefits the Downtown Wheaton Nike Football Mercurial Superfly

John Botsis said he's the landlord of five Soccer Cleats High Tops Cr7

Soccer Cleats 2017 Indoor

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