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Nike Soccer Boots Kids

Nike Soccer Boots Kids

Nike Soccer Boots Kids

Nike Soccer Boots Kids

Recently, she reordered a box of "Hissee Fit Snakes," 36 inch long candy creatures, wrapped in plastic and named according to their color and flavor, "Blue Razberry Bite," "Apple Attack" and "Cherry Chase."

Nike Soccer Boots Kids

Migneault, who for years used to turn her Brookline home into a haunted house on Halloween, goes for the gore.

Nike Soccer Boots Kids

Both businesses were getting ready for Halloween last week, and both owners said the fall holiday associated with ghosts, goblins and gobs of candy is not their busiest, but it's the most fun.

The head is draped in a gold turban decorated Football Boots

On a nearby table are packages of "Monster Goo," a candy paste that comes in three tart flavors colored green, red, or blue and is ingested by squirting directly into the mouth. There are also jars of sour bats; gummy bloody fingers, bones and ears; and chocolate lollipops shaped like maple leaves.

So Migneault swallowed hard, laughed harder and decided to "go for gross."

Nike Soccer Boots Kids

"Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day," Nelson said, ticking off his biggest selling holidays.

Nike Soccer Boots Kids

have their candy."

with a green feather and a blue jewel and gives advice in a dark and quivery voice: "If you're too open minded, your brains may fall out, hah, hah, hah," the head declares when it senses a human presence.

in Souhegan Valley prep for Halloween

Migneault had just cracked open a box of fake IV bags, each filled with a dark cherry colored liquid candy, complete with tube and clamp and a black cord for hanging.

Nelson said he sticks to the traditional homemade sweets: candy corn, marshmallow creme pumpkins and chocolate pops, all made at the shop.

"People will buy it," said the friend who was with her, convincing the shop owner there's a Halloween market for the bags of red liqud marked on the front with Blood Type "X."

Nike Soccer Boots Kids

Nike Soccer Boots Kids

Lisa's Sweets, just behind the Town Hall near the Oval, is one of two independent candy stores in the Souhegan Valley. The other is Nelson's Candies, an almost 100 year old candy making business in Wilton with stores in Chelmsford, Mass., and Nike Soccer Boots Kids Hampton Beach.

"Oooh! Is this too gross?" gasped the proprietor of Lisa's Sweets, who was on a buying trip to her distributor in Cambridge, Mass., recently.

In addition, Migneault sells green and white gummy frogs, flying saucers and cans of "Toxic Waste" sour candy, all potential goosebump makers.

Nike Soccer Boots Kids

Added Migneault, "After Halloween, all the kids already Football Boots The Best

At the entrance to her shop, she displays a "Spirit Ball," a fake head on a plate with blue eyes that roll and a motion sensor voice that bellows, "Come a little closer that I may tell your future."

´╗┐Owners of 2 independent candy stores Soccer Shoes Gold And White

MILFORD The bags of blood made Lisa Migneault gag.

Nike Soccer Boots Kids

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