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Football Cleats Highlights

Football Cleats Highlights

Football Cleats Highlights

Monterey County Supervisor District 5

LOCAL ELECTION RESULTS: Up to the minute vote totals

Football Cleats Highlights

"It's exciting, it's thrilling," Gunter said Tuesday night. "A lot of hard work went into this campaign."

McPherson has a tiny lead of 8,798 votes over Hammer's 8,772 votes.

Bruce McPherson : Votes 8,798 50 percent/Eric Hammer : Votes 8,772 50 percentJoe Gunter : Votes 9,896 54 percent /Sergio Sanchez : Votes 6,339 35 percent /Rick Phinney : Votes 806 4 percent /Margaret Serna Bonetti : Votes 765 4 percent /Hla Myaing : Votes 405 2 percent

Santa Cruz County Supervisor District 5

Football Cleats Highlights

Football Cleats Highlights

Potter emerged as the victor early Wednesday morning with 15,200 votes over Del Piero's 12,786 votes.

state of California that is as diverse as the 5th district."

"I look forward to continuing the good hard work that we have done in representing an incredibly dynamic district. There is no district in the Soccer Cleats

Football Cleats Highlights

Gunter said his two top priorities as mayor will be to make it easier for business owners to open up shop in Salinas, andto increase public safety in a gang plaguedcity that has the highest homicide rate in California.

Marc Del Piero : Votes 12,786 46 percent /Dave Potter : Votes 15,200 54 percent

Potter, who has held the seat for 16 years, said he wants to Football Cleats Highlights continue working on his goals for the large and diverse district.

Bill Kampe Votes 3,731 71 percent /Carmelita Garcia Votes 1,494 29 percentIgnacio Velazquez Votes 2,584 39 percent /Doug Emerson Votes 1,889 29 percent /Marty Richman Votes 1,106 17 percent /Keith Snow Votes 1,047 16 percent

Football Cleats Highlights

Football Cleats Highlights

Pacific Grove Mayor

Mirroring their June primary race, political heavyweights David Potter and Marc Del Piero were neck and neck for Monterey County Supervisor District 5 when voting results were began to trickle in Tuesday night.

Football Cleats Highlights

In Pacific Grove, mayoral incumbent Carmelita Garcia suffered a double defeat this year.

Santa Cruz County elections officials said more ballots still have to be counted during a 28 day canvassing period, including provisional ballots, damaged ballots, military and overseas ballots, and vote by mail ballots.

police officer will replace Dennis Donohue, who did not seek re election. Gunter beat out a crowded field of candidates, including Salinas City Councilman Sergio Sanchez, real estate broker Rick Phinney, education activist Margaret Serna Bonetti, and dentist Hla Myaing.

A razor close race happened between Bruce McPherson and Eric Hammer. TheSanta Cruz County District 5 supervisor candidateswere separated by just 26 votes and the race was far too close to declare a victor.

It was a smoky Election Day on the Central Coast as two fires in Prunedale and Salinas sent thick columns of smoke into the air that could be seen from as far south as Greenfield and as far north as Santa Cruz.

´╗┐Pacific Grove mayor loses

When the smoke settled, Joe Gunter emerged as Salinas' new mayor. The longtime Salinas Nike Soccer Boots New Releases

Sanchez, who won 6,339 votes, was the only opponent who put up a real fight against Gunter's 9,896 votes. Bonetti, Phinney, and Myaing all had less than 900 votes cast their way.

Salinas, and is president of the California International Air Show, and still works part time as a police officer.

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Football Cleats Highlights

Football Cleats Highlights

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