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They were welcomed at each stop, she reported, and thrilled to find so many who had graduated from Cobourg high schools and stayed on to live and work in their home town.

The three amigas entered the realm of industry at the industrial park on Wilmott Street, and moved on to what Draper called the men's domain businesses on William Street and Strathy Road "the car dealerships, restaurants, colleges, and individual stores," she listed.

"Many participating places Nike Football Boots Nz

Nike Football Shoes Photos

Nike Football Shoes Photos

This was followed by hitting the downtown stores to talk with staff and ask them to display posters for the event. It was a slow process, Draper said, because so many people had stories to share.

Nike Football Shoes Photos

"Imagine her surprise when he spoke. She told him he sounded just like Safety Officer Tom!"

Dodge was a familiar sight at local ballparks and arenas both as a passionate supporter of local sports and athletes, and in his role as the popular sports reporter for the Cobourg Daily Star. With no children of his own, he adopted the community as his family and made every effort to turn the spotlight on its rising sports stars. Each year, the Layton Dodge Athletic Award is one of the honours presented at the Cobourg Civic Awards ceremony.

Originally organized by Draper in memory of her dear friend June Harvey, the event each year commemorates extraordinary individuals.

´╗┐Organizers drum up support for Coffee Morning

These people gave so much to their community. And to say thank you, you need do so little register your own coffee party (where you will hit up your guests for a donation to the hospital), or at least attend someone else's event and make a contribution.

Draper enlisted her friends Bert (Mrs. Tom) MacMillan and Nike Football Shoes Photos Kathy Cole in a project to comb Cobourg for two purposes: to promote the event, and to make contact with anyone who might have been one of that group of 13,000 whose prom nights were made even more magical with the town crier courtly service.

Traipsing up Division Street, they encountered a lady named Melindah at Herbal Magic, who said she tended to remember MacMillan as Safety Officer Tom, rather than as the town crier. This would have been before MacMillan retired from the OPP, when he visited her Camborne classroom to promote safety.

Along with MacMillan, this year's event honours Port Hope resident Nancy Redner and Cobourg resident Layton Dodge.

to the hospital, her line of logic continued, the June 11, 2014, Coffee Morning would be a huge smash.

hope everyone we met will take part on June 11 in support of the hospital," Draper said.

will be open to the public, giving us all an opportunity to have a cup of coffee, make a donation, and perhaps meet a friend or two."

Nike Football Shoes Photos

Nike Football Shoes Photos

Redner was an early pioneer for fundraising in Canada. Her greatest joy was her family and friends, and she gave freely of herself but expected little in return. She volunteered tirelessly for numerous boards and foundations (including the Northumberland Hills Hospital), all part of her lifelong commitment to voluntarism.

The beloved OPP officer who also served his community as town crier, Nike Football Cleats Orange

Nike Football Shoes Photos

part time Santa and drum major for the Concert Band of Cobourg is actually one of three honourees at this year's Coffee Morning fundraiser.

If each of those students said thank you with a donation Football Boots For Kids 2017

The Cobourg resident did some quick math and estimated that, over 27 years, MacMillan (in his role as town crier) cried some 13,000 high school students into their proms.

When Alma Draper agreed to help organize the 2014 Northumberland's Biggest Coffee Morning, the annual Northumberland Hills Hospital fundraiser, it occurred to her that having the late Tom MacMillan as one of this year's honourees could make it quite a special edition.

Nike Football Shoes Photos

Nike Football Shoes Photos

On a cool, windy April day, they started their rounds by visiting high schools, retirement buildings and nursing homes "all locations where Tom was a regular visitor," Draper said.

Nike Football Shoes Photos

It was a five week tour that took them to 331 businesses, and concluded at Frank's Pasta and Grill for a well deserved celebration lunch.

"People reminisced about the day Tom opened their shop, their graduation or their children graduation, and how they cherished the photographs taken on these occasions," she recalled.

Nike Football Shoes Photos

"She went on to say that one Christmas, when she was about six years old, Santa came to her class," Draper continued.

Nike Football Shoes Photos

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