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completed. Diane Hall, who has a science background, told Northumberland Today there is a risk of pollution from soil substances such as phosphorus and potassium reaching watercourses even when dry soil blows off site as has been happening.

´╗┐Owners work to halt runoff from solar farm

"Construction started (there) a year ago, March 2013," Pam Hambly said, wondering when it would be completed.

Asked if the situation were under control, Martherus said that as Football Boots Messi 2016 of Monday afternoon the soil run off had been stopped "and drainage controls were being implemented at the site."

Employees worked into the early hours of last Friday and through the weekend, rebuilding and adding remedial structures, he said. Work is continuing this week and the company is complying with the environment ministry orders including hiring a consultant to create a storm water management plan, McCloskey said in an interview from his Pennsylvania office.

"The ministry notified the local director of municipal public works department (in Hamilton Township)," he states.

If the ministry gets these water testing results, the public should too, Henry said.

Football Boots Messi 2016

Further inquiries about possible charges were not answered by press time.

Football Boots Messi 2016

owners of the massive Penn Energy solar farm near Baltimore have been ordered by Ontario's environment ministry to halt soil and water run off from their construction site onto Payne Road, a nearby creek and surrounding properties.

Football Boots Messi 2016

Whether subsequent rains clear the silting is unknown at this time, nor is whether further remedial action may be needed in these creeks.

Residents' concerns, however, are not only of silt covering the road (which has been swept at least twice by the developer) but of silt reaching nearby cold water creeks and covering the gravel bottom which would prevent fish from spawning.

The project, when completed, is expected to include 46,700 solar panels and generate 10 megawatts of power enough to power 3,000 homes.

The ministry "will continue to monitor the construction and operations to ensure compliance with the company's renewable energy approval," he also stated.

Already Penn Energy, Canadian Star and their contractors, ABB and Football Boots Black And White

Another Les Davey Road resident, Barry Vail, says he has been trying to get testing results of water on the solar farm site, so far without success. He said he started with contacting Premier Kathleen Wynne and so far has been referred to the Environment Minister Jim Bradley and other ministry staff.

Football Boots Messi 2016

"On March 21, 2014, a citizen reported to the ministry Spills Action Centre (SAC) soil run off observed Football Shoes Without Spikes

Football Boots Messi 2016

Payne Road neighbours Pam and John Hambly, and Stuart and Marie Elise Henry who live on Les Davey Road overlooking the solar farm development, say they have been watching the remedial work and the huge lights and trucks working after dark.

Based on what has happened so far, neighbours are concerned about how the solar farm will be operated and maintained when construction is Football Shoes Spectra

"On April 2, 2014, a similar report was received at the Peterborough District Office. Ministry staff responded to the site and confirmed soil runoff from the site. Staff issued a Provincial Officer Order to the company to take corrective action."

Even at the time of public meetings about the proposed huge solar farm being developed, they say they have questioned the decision to undertake such a huge construction on former hilly farm fields.

"Ontario is the only one who allows this rather than on flat land," Stuart Henry said during a conversation with his neighbours and Hamilton Township Councillor Donna Cole on Monday afternoon.

Football Boots Messi 2016

The ministry order was initiated as a result of complaints from residents in the area. They have been watching the spring thaw erode the denuded hills where solar panels are still being erected in rows stretching over the hilly landscape near their homes.

in a creek near the solar farm construction project on Payne Road in Hamilton Township near Baltimore," the ministry's Peterborough district supervisor, Jim Martherus, states in an e mail response to questions from Northumberland Today.

Football Boots Messi 2016

Football Boots Messi 2016

Naylor, have built and rebuilt storm water barriers and "a series of storm water management ponds" so silt remains on the property, McCloskey said. There are also other temporary ponds in place to do the same thing, he said.

Football Boots Messi 2016

Football Boots Messi 2016

"I'm concerned it will affect our water," Marie Elise Henry said.

The Hamblys noted that the site construction was supposed to take six months and it is now into its 13th month with a lot of regrading taking place. Water from the solar farm construction sight that overflowed Payne Road culverts poured across their field and around their house.

Emergency remedial measures were initiated last week when conditions deteriorated rapidly with heavy rainfall, Penn Energy representative Sean McCloskey said. Before that, in response to a complaint, some storm water management work was started but it was "overwhelmed" by the amount of rain that came down, he said.

Cole said the township's public works director had visited the site and she expects a report will come to council about what is happening on Payne Road.

At the informal gathering, residents shared their concerns about how water quantity and quality might be affected, not only due to the runoff, but by ongoing operations on the site, as well as the effectiveness of preventive measures to keep anything leaking from the transformer or vehicle servicing onto their properties or waterways.

Football Boots Messi 2016

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