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Nike Football Boots Air Max Pack

10 below is open to the public and offers breakfast served 6:00am to Nike Football Boots No Sock

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The 17th and latest entry in the group's portfolio which stretches from California to Oregon, Washington and Idaho represents its first foray into Football Boots 2014 Ronaldo Cr7

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O can stand for many things from original to outstanding, optimistic and (native) Oregonian all of which could be said to be embodied in the hip, stylish new Oxford Hotel which has upped the ante for Bend's evolving and increasingly cosmopolitan downtown scene.

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True to the boutique hotel ethos of a small luxury property offering premium services to a select clientele in a fashionable location, some of The Oxford's other features include:

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´╗┐Oxford Puts Sleek Stamp on Cityscape

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Boutique hotels first came into vogue in the early '80s with style, distinction, warmth and intimacy key words in the new genre's architectural and design lexicon, aiming to attract a niche of customers looking for a special and differentiated property able to fulfill their individual needs.

Typical prospective guests may be seen as travelers seeking properties that are noticeably different in look and feel from branded hotels.

the boutique realm, and the location may be seen as a fitting context for the signature statement, given the ownership's local roots.

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The unique style, blending the indigenous and modern, is continued with textured finishes to walls and an impressive entry to the basement level, featuring an urbane seating area and a large photographic mural of Proxy Falls, in between a 2,000 Nike Football Boots Air Max Pack square foot banquet room and the feature restaurant and bar area known as "10 below" perhaps Nike Football Cleats High Tops

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10:30am daily; lunch from 11:30am to 2pm and lounge and dinner from 4pm to close.

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The seven story hotel, designed by GGL Architecture, features extensive use of exterior brick and stone on the lower levels, in keeping with the surrounding streetscape, with an art gallery and salon bookending the ground floor, while a more contemporary feel is displayed on the set back upper three floors.

The $12 million 59 room upscale boutique hotel, fronting Minnesota Avenue between Lava and Bond, opened its doors to the public this month as the flagship facility of the family run Oxford Hotel Group, which is headquartered in Bend and owns and operates the Oxford Inn and Suites chain.

a multi faceted reference to the subterranean locale, the street address (10 NW Minnesota) and the sometime local winter temperature exemplified by last month's Arctic blast(!).

Any conceptions that the street level exterior motif implies general traditionalism are turned on their head as soon as guests enter and are struck by a chic urban lobby.

Oxford Group Design Coordinator Cheri Krogman has utilized an eclectic collage of materials throughout the interior, including metal art fixtures such as a silver tree stump table surrounded by white fabric chairs forming a cozy conversation area in front of a Zen style fireplace in the lobby. The concierge check in area is equally sleek and welcoming, with cushioned chairs and lower level desks adding to the relaxed, sophisticated ambience, tied together by an extensive dark toned native wood narrative.

Nike Football Boots Air Max Pack

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